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"Anna Forliti is my guide through pain, posture and healing. After a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in hips, back and neck, I assumed I would never be without pain and a slight, annoying limp. Through Anna’s carefully structured exercise routine, I can once again walk and sleep without pain. Anna is the gifted guide and companion who keeps me moving, for which I am forever grateful.”

~ Jon Coppleman

“Luck and serendipity brought me to Anna and the Postural Alignment Therapy. That first visit opened my eyes to a world of possibilities for pain relief with no pills and no invasive treatments. Anna is a natural healer and she presented the Postural Alignment Therapy in exactly the way I needed. It was understandable, accessible, and tangible. My life has changed dramatically. I have been able to eliminate debilitating pain from my legs, hips, lower back and neck. I am an unabashed advocate of Postural Healing. Its principles are sound and its claims to offer 'pain-free living' are justified.”

~Catherine GW

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